statement - Postcards to an island

my mother sent me postcards all through my school years as a way of staying connected. in this work, i use postcards i have collected over many years as a foundation for my photographic collages about north haven island. as a family, our connection to this special place has been formed over 24 years of summertime, each year with a new found appreciation. sailing around or settling in, we familiarize ourselves with it’s nooks and crags.

i begin by photographing the island’s woods, fields and seacoast, a natural kingdom with all it’s plant life, rocks, fish nets and bones bleached by the sun. i then dismantle and re-assemble the photographs into a meditation on these gathered memories—patched and uncertain as my recollections of one summer blends into the next. By collaging onto postcards, i am sending in return the messages of love and beauty that i am so grateful to have been given.